Practice Development Articles

Dancing Recall: Making Connections by Daphne Cushnie

By 2021 over a million people in the UK will be diagnosed with dementia. Daphne Cushnie independent dance artist, reveals the positive impact delivering community dance has on people living with neurodegenerative conditions. Download this full article as a pdf

Finding A Voice – Movement, Story and Metaphor by Miranda Tufnell

”Permission to express ourselves symbolically enhances our ability to express ourselves directly“  Alida Gersie. It is mostly difficult to know, or to express, what is going on for us – how we feel. If we can say anything at all, we often find ourselves reduced to a threadbare language of generality and cliché. In playing … Read more

Working with Applied Movement for Dementia Services by Filipa Pereira Stubbs

Working in hospital with the Elderly  There are three weaves to my working life as a creative practitioner and dancer.  Dance, Arts and Nature.  Working with creativity and imagination.  Working with experience and process.   Working with body and movement.  Working outdoors, in wilder environments.  I find I need all three weaves to work in … Read more

An Insight into Jasmine Pasch’s Working Practice

A glimpse into one aspect of my practice, by Jasmine Pasch I was invited to work with babies, toddlers and their families at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in 2009, and this gave me the opportunity to think differently about how to do this. I noticed how in many groups the babies were passive or moved … Read more


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